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Engineering and technical advice

Our technical department at your disposal


Industrial design and 3D modeling

We focus on providing design and technical development solutions to make your projects grow.


We know that  time is a company's greatest asset , that's why we focus on reducing the execution time of a project. Consequently, to meet this objective, we always look for the best technical solution in the shortest possible time and validate it with low-cost prototypes.

The industrial design consultancy that we offer is divided mainly into two phases: conceptual design and product development, in this way we offer the client control of the entire design and development process.

Structural analysis of loads

Thanks to structural analysis or FEM (Finite Element Method) we can simulate the behavior of the part in operation by applying forces and restrictions. This evaluation serves to improve the design of the part and validate any model and its functionality before being released for manufacturing.

In this way we manage to save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary tests and trials.


Topological optimization and generative design

Through the use of procedural generation (AI) tools, a geometry with the minimum amount of material necessary for specific loading conditions is obtained.

The process is simple, the model is represented in real working conditions and its behavior is evaluated. From this moment on, all unnecessary material is eliminated, always guaranteeing the correct functioning of the model. This usually gives rise to organic figures and geometries, very difficult to produce using other technologies, but it represents a considerable saving in material cost and manufacturing time.

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